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In order to legally drive a vehicle, you must obtain auto insurance. Insurance is especially necessary for protection when accidents or other incidents occur. While it may be common to think that auto insurance only applies to the car that you drive every day, in actuality, it covers much more. Here are some of the other types of auto insurance you might need coverage for, depending on what you own. 

Classic Car Insurance

Do you have a classic vehicle that you bought recently, or one you’ve been working on restoring for years? You may not drive it year-round, but when the weather permits, you will be cruising around town. You can get classic auto insurance to cover your investment in all the right ways. The insurance can be customized to cover you only when you are going to drive the vehicle during certain months of the year, or you can carry it all year long. Classic cars can be like a dream come true, and you don’t want that dream to be ruined if something were to happen.

Motorcycle Insurance

They may only have two wheels, but they need to be insured, just like any other type of  vehicle. In addition to the standard motorcycle coverage, you can get specialized coverage which includes total loss replacement, accessory coverage, transport trailer coverage, roadside assistance, and rental coverage. Motorcycles are often in more accidents than regular vehicles, so it’s important to be insured. 

Motorhome Insurance

If you own a motorhome, you most likely travel many miles at a time, away from home. Auto insurance alone may not give your motorhome the proper coverage it needs. This type of insurance covers personal belongings unlike standard auto insurance. Motorhomes are valuable assets and they really should have specialized insurance coverage in case of an emergency. 

Boat Insurance

You might not take this out on the open road, but in water, it’s a fine investment. Boats can sometimes be protected by homeowners’ insurance policies, but even that coverage may not be everything you need it to be. Make sure you are protected by looking into separate policies or, at the very least, checking into what you have coverage for already. Supplementary policies can cover liability, physical damage, and theft. 

Jet Ski Insurance

It is fun to ride around the water while on a jet ski, however it can also be dangerous. This is why it’s important to get jet ski insurance. Some homeowners’ insurance policies can add a jet ski onto the policy, but that coverage is often limited. If you value this part of your lifestyle, you may want coverage that is specifically for this vehicle.

Regular Car Insurance

And, of course, you want to have the car you drive insured in the right way. There are plenty of different car insurance plans and it can be hard to decide what you want. Do you want a high deductible and lower premiums, or the other way around? The professionals at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc can help you decide on a policy that suits your lifestyle as well as your vehicle needs.

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