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Car Insurance for College Students

Car Insurance for College Students

Your child is off to college. This milestone comes with feelings of pride and excitement but also a little bit of worry and stress. Do they have everything they need? Will they make good choices? You also may have questions and concerns about their driving and what happens with their car. Of course, you want to make sure they’re covered with proper car insurance. But how exactly does that work? We’ve outlined everything you need to know about car insurance policies for college students:

Is the Parent or Student Responsible for the Policy?

This is a common question. Your child is an adult now. Does this mean that they are now responsible for their own policy? That depends. In most states, the car’s owner needs to purchase the policy. So if your child is the sole title holder, they will have to buy a separate auto insurance policy. However, if the parent owns the car, they will be the policy holder.

In terms of cost, it’s ideal for the parent to purchase the car insurance and simply add the student to the plan. Because the parent and child essentially split the risk, the premium will be lower. If a student decides to go on their own, the premium could double or even triple. This is because insurance carriers place young adults in a high risk category.

What Happens to Existing Policies When a Student Leaves for College?

Maybe you already have an auto insurance policy for your child. When they leave for college, is there anything you need to do to update it? In some cases, no. If your child commutes from home or chooses to keep your address as their primary residence, you don’t need to do anything. However, if they change their address or bring their car with them to another state, you should inform your insurance provider. These changes could prompt adjustments to the policy.

Can You Get Student Discounts on Car Insurance?

It’s no secret; young adults have some of the highest auto insurance premiums out there. So is there anything you can do to lower this rate? Some insurance carriers offer a “good student discount” for college students with a solid GPA. Even if your child isn’t eligible, there are still other ways to save. If your child doesn’t drive a car on campus, you can get a “distant student discount.” SInce they’ll only be driving on weekends or holidays, they’ll qualify for a lower rate. 

Can a College Student Drive Someone Else’s Car?

It’s typical for college students to car swap. If a student doesn’t have their car on campus, they could borrow somebody else’s. Or if someone has a bit too much to drink, a friend could become the designated driver. So what does this mean in terms of coverage? As a general rule, whoever owns the car is responsible for what happens in that car. So if your child crashes their buddy’s vehicle, your insurance will not cover these damages.

Open a College Student Car Insurance Policy with Nickerson

Looking to buy a new car insurance policy for you college student? Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. will guide you every step of the way. Since 1961, we’ve provided comprehensive auto insurance policies for California residents, offering great coverage at reasonable rates. As you and your child make this next transition into the college years, trust Nickerson to protect their vehicle. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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