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How a speeding ticket can affect car insurance

Speeding while driving

The national average car insurance rate increases 25% for drivers who get a speeding ticket. Speeding is dangerous for obvious reasons, it is also risky to insure a driver who gets speeding tickets often. People speed for a number of different reasons, including running late for an appointment, general reckless driving, not knowing the change in speed limits between zones, or they simply drive with a “heavy foot” – none of these reasons are worth a speeding ticket and what follows it. 

Every state road, highway, and interstate has signs alerting to what the speed limit is on that specific route. Speed violations and consequences depend on the city, state, how high over the speed limit a person was going, and previous driving infractions. Moreover, it’s just never a good idea to speed, no matter where you are and what the circumstances are.

Speeding tickets 

Having a driver’s license comes with following the rules and guidelines of the roads. Often states have points systems that set a threshold for your allowance to stay on the road. These same points can often help or hurt your driving record, in turn affecting your auto insurance premium rates.

For example, if someone gets a speeding ticket for the first time, the consequences are often less than someone with previous violations. So, the amount of points that are subtracted from a driver’s license (often for the course of one year) depends on the individual driving record. While traffic violations and speeding tickets can be contested during the offender’s court date, they are rarely expunged entirely. So, it’s critical to keep in mind and keep track of your points while driving in order to keep a good record of driving. 

Personal driving records 

Driving records also come into play when involved in traffic violations and at-fault car accidents. This means if  there is no record of speeding, a driver will likely have less trouble sorting out any other incidents relating to your car and your driving with insurance companies. 

A driving record should never be an afterthought, but something a driver works actively to keep clean. It is totally normal to get a speeding ticket or a traffic violation over the course of one’s driving life, but it’s better to avoid them at all costs. Defensive driving is the best way to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. Local Department of Motor Vehicle stations will have courses to refresh driving skills, if ever needed. Nickerson Insurance Systems, Inc. can point in the direction of further resources and explanation of policies. 

High car insurance premiums & causes

Speeding tickets aren’t the only way to increase your monthly auto insurance premium. Aggressive driving, driving under the influence of any substances and/or above the legal alcohol limits, and distracted driving (i.e. being on your phone) are all reasons people get ticketed. Many of these reasons often lead to speeding as well, which can cause multiple violations in one stop by the police.

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Prevent the increases on insurance plans by being prepared ahead of time. We have answers to any and all questions about speeding tickets and subsequent insurance rates.

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