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Find the best auto insurance for business

Auto insurance for businesses

Most businesses require an automobile to get the job done. While many business owners use their personal cars for transporting goods, making deliveries, or simply to get around for errands, it is important to have car insurance for a business car in case anything happens during work hours. Or, even better, have a vehicle solely devoted to the business and separate it from personal life and insurance policies all together. 

As any car owner knows, there are a lot of risks and expenses involved in having a vehicle. From totalling accidents to minor dents, parts giving out and needing to be replaced, owning a car can be pretty unpredictable at times. If anything major happens to a work vehicle while performing daily responsibilities, insurance makes it go a lot smoother as opposed to having no coverage at all.  

Finding the right business car insurance 

Personal auto insurance policies do not cover for business use most of the time. People working for the company may be personally covered for anything that happens while on the job, but not necessarily the vehicle involved in any accident. At Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. we cover a variety of vehicles including passenger cars, large courier vans, and pickup trucks among others. 

For example, personal and commercial auto policies pay for legal expenses, bodily injury, and property damage related to auto accidents. Commercial auto insurance usually covers higher claims, various types of vehicles, and more complex legal issues. Commercial auto insurance also will give you the money you would need to buy a new vehicle, if ever in a situation where the current one is totaled. Rather than that money coming out of the business owner’s pocket, insurance can help manage costs and aid in a quick turnaround to getting back on the road. 

Something like a car accident shouldn’t stop an entire business from running its daily duties. So, with the peace of mind that comes with business car auto insurance, any worries can be put aside in order to keep things moving as usual.

How business car insurance helps

Reputation is everything in business, so showing up with a vehicle that proudly represents a company’s products and services is very important. Major accidents aren’t the only thing to worry about with a commercial vehicle – small scratches and dents can add up over time and cause a bigger issue down the road. By attacking little issues as they come, costly issues like big parts replacements and detailing can be avoided in the long run. Plus, it’s better for money management to have smaller expenses (like a monthly insurance premium) over a long period of time than a catastrophic expense all at once. 

Nickerson Insurance Has Got You Covered

For more information and understanding the protection across the business and employees, contact us to find the auto insurance that best fits your business needs. One of our agents will work with you closely to find the coverage that works best for the business and its drivers.

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