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Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

As an employee, it’s important to understand your rights and what you are owed from the company that you work for if you were to become injured or ill as a result of your work. It’s possible that you might get workers’ compensation benefits, which could pay some of your medical bills or your lost wages if you are eligible. You would get these benefits whether you or someone else was at fault for the accident and you would not be able to file a lawsuit against the company and get damages if you agree to take the compensation. Here are some of the rules for getting workers’ compensation: 

Eligibility Requirements

You have to be an employee of the company and the company must have workers’ compensation insurance for you to have a claim. Your injury or illness must be work-related and you must be able to prove that. You have to meet the deadlines as instructed by your state to report injuries and file claims. There are other special categories for certain workers so you will want to know anything specific in relation to your job.

Consulting With a Lawyer

If your employer says you are not eligible for workers’ compensation and you think you should be, you might want to consult with an attorney. Employers often deny valid claims to protect their own liability coverage. An experienced attorney can get you what you need and protect your rights along the way.

Does Your Company Need Workers’ Compensation?

Every savvy business owner will want to have this kind of insurance coverage to protect their business, but especially those that are prone to seeing injuries. There may not be a lot of injuries coming out of an office job, but construction work can be very hard on the body and accidents happen more often. It’s impossible to foresee what might happen and if an accident occurs, you don’t have coverage, and your employee sues the company, you could stand to lose quite a bit. Having workers’ compensation coverage allows you peace of mind that you can care for your employee as you should without digging into the company finances to get them what they need.

Finding the Right Coverage

There are, as is true with any insurance, different levels of workers’ compensation and what you need will depend on the line of work you are in, how many employees you have, and how often people get hurt on the job. It’s best to consult with professionals and take a look at your budget so you can figure out the best route for your needs. Contact Nickerson Insurance for a closer look at the options and you can protect your company and your employees all at the same time. Workers’ compensation is a great benefit for someone who might get injured on the job, but coming from an employer’s perspective, it’s equally important to get the company in a safe zone no matter what might happen to who or how in the future.

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