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Natural Disasters and Homeowners Insurance: What You Need To Know

Preparing With Natural Disaster Insurance

Wherever you live, that area has proclivities for certain natural disasters. The fact of the matter is, you never know when it might affect you and have an impact on your home and possessions. Natural disasters are scary and instead of simply reacting to them if they occur, it’s best to be prepared so you are protected with the right resources, including the proper insurance coverage. Here are a few natural disasters to consider getting coverage for:


Volcanic Events

Most volcanic events are covered by regular policies when you live in the vicinity of a volcano, but if there’s a landslide, tremors, or shock waves that are associated with an eruption and those things, not the actual eruption, damage or ruin your home, you will have to repair or replace your home because your insurance will be found lacking. Separate policies can help protect you from those side-events.


You might think that you are covered when it comes to earthquakes because you have a homeowner’s insurance policy. But you need to go back and look at that policy with care because it most likely doesn’t cover earthquake destruction and damage. To get earthquake coverage, you need a different policy and you will have to properly secure fixtures to obtain one, even then.


Wildfires have been all over the news lately, and with good reason. While wildfire damage is sometimes covered with standard insurance policies, you may not have enough coverage, even if you have an insurance policy. You will want to be able to completely rebuild your home from the ground up if you need to because of a wildfire. There are many people who are underinsured in this area and find that they have to rebuild smaller, inferior homes after they lose theirs because they don’t have enough for comparable housing.

High Winds

High winds aren’t as common here as in other areas of the country, but they certainly do happen, especially in the winter. Those winds, which can reach up to 60mph, can severely damage homes. For the most part, windstorm peril is a section in a normal homeowner’s policy, but it may or may not cover what you need. For example, if a wind takes out a tree in your yard, but doesn’t damage your home, you will have to pay to have the tree removed.


Tsunamis are frightening and they happen in this region of the country from time to time. The problem is, standard homeowner’s insurance policies don’t protect you or your dwelling from these nasty storms. To get full protection, you’ll need a stand-alone policy, which can be hard to find with standard insurance companies. However, these policies are also less expensive than general earthquake policies so they won’t add up as much.

Getting The Right Natural Disaster Insurance

Part of finding the right insurance is deciphering what already covered by your regular policy. Other factors include location, and taking the necessary to insure that your policy will give you peace of mind in any situation. The professionals at Nickerson Insurance can help you work on the details and get just what you need.

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