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Various Types Of Business Insurance You Can Get

Business Insurance Types And Styles

Business insurance is something that every business needs, but it’s also a customized thing that needs to suit each business in a personalized manner. There are a variety of different business insurance types and they can provide complete coverage to any business—if the owner chooses the right amount of the right type. Here are a few different business insurance types that could suit your needs.

Workers Compensation

This type of insurance helps to take care of your employees if they are injured on the job. Most states require that businesses have this kind of insurance, though you can vary how much based on what your employees do. Construction workers are more likely going to use it than office workers, for example.

General Liability

You have no idea what’s going to happen in the future of your business and general liability will cover your business for whatever it might need in the future. This umbrella coverage has limitations based on what you want for your business.

Auto Insurance

If you have any company vehicles that are used to transport employees, products, or used as a service, having auto insurance is the law. Plus, you want to cover the business and your employees. Vehicles are an investment your business might have to make and having the right coverage can really help down the line.

Property Insurance

If you own the building or office space that your company operates from, you might want to have property insurance to protect you from accidents that could take place on that property that you may be liable for. Covering yourself with property insurance is in your best interest whenever you own a property.

Professional Liability Insurance

Depending on your business, you could need protection from damaging civil lawsuits. If you give professional advice or provide custom products, you need this kind of protection in case something comes up in court against you.

Errors And Omissions Insurance

If your business offers guidance of any kind, you will want to have protection against claims that you made mistakes or omitted useful information in any way. This type of insurance is good for a range of different companies.

Group Insurance

If you want to offer benefits to your employees, group insurance is generally cheaper for them than individual coverage plans. You can get them a membership as a group and allow them to pay lower rates as a courtesy for working for you.

Business Owners Insurance

If you own the business and you want to protect yourself from things that could happen on the property during business or after hours, there are plans that can cover those accidents. You’ll also want to protect yourself from natural disasters that could occur, like fires or other such things.

Getting The Right Business Insurance Lined Up

All of these options can sound confusing, but when you work with professionals, describe your business and your needs will become evident. Call the experts at Nickerson Insurance Agency to get the right insurance for your company.

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