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3 Things to Look For When Buying Homeowners Insurance

3 Things to Look For When Buying Homeowners Insurance

Buying a home is exciting. You’re probably eager to shop for paint, furniture, artwork, and flooring. You also need to shop for homeowners insurance. Though it isn’t nearly as exhilarating as color swatches and home decor, buying home insurance is infinitely more important. Without a solid policy, an unexpected disaster could put you in financial ruin. All it takes is a tree going through your roof, flooding from a pipe burst, or a burglary to put you in immense debt. Worst case scenario? You could lose your home.

To avoid an economic catastrophe, it’s wise to acquire a homeowners insurance policy. If you are purchasing your house with a loan, the bank or mortgage provider will actually require it. So how exactly do you purchase a good home insurance plan? Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowner, policies can be confusing for anyone. Here are 3 things to look for when buying homeowners insurance:  

1. The Right Coverage For Your Needs

Is your home old or new? Is it a condo, house, or mobile home? Is the area prone to certain natural disasters or crimes? These are all questions you need to answer when building your homeowners insurance policy. Not all policies are the same so it’s important to choose one that fits your specific needs. You don’t want to pay for too much or leave your house underinsured. 

2. A Reasonable Premium

We say “reasonable” because cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. An Insurance provider may offer an attractive price for a low-quality policy that will leave you vulnerable. That being said, it’s smart to compare premiums in relation to the coverage they provide. Try to get at least three quotes. One company could charge hundreds or thousands more than another for the same exact policy. So shop around!

In addition to premium costs, you should also ask about discounts for things like home upgrades or security systems. Some will even provide deductions for a passed wind mitigation inspection. You can order a wind mitigation report when you schedule your home inspection.

3. High Customer Satisfaction

Say you found the perfect home insurance policy at the best rate. Before you pull the trigger, take some time to research the insurance carrier. Check the Better Business Bureau, Google reviews, or Yelp. Were the customers satisfied with the service? Did they have trouble submitting claims? If the company has consistently low ratings, take your business elsewhere.

Trust Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. to Find You the Best Homeowners Policy

At Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc., we want to make sure you’re protected when the unexpected occurs. Over the past 60 years, we’ve built a network of partnering homeowners insurance carriers with outstanding reputations. Our agents will be able to match you with a comprehensive home policy at a reasonable rate. Request a quote and get the protection you need and deserve. 

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