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Why All Motorhome Owners Need Insurance

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Does My Motorhome Require Specialized Motorhome Insurance?

If you own a motorhome or a travel trailer, investing in motorhome insurance is a must. Some standard auto insurance doesn’t offer adequate coverage for the unique risks that come with owning an RV.  Motorhome insurance means you and your vehicle are protected everywhere your journey takes you. There are a few things you need to know before hitting the road! 

Why Regular Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cut It

Auto insurance is required by law for car owners in almost all states across the country. There are many plans to choose from, and they cover situations like theft, accidents, personal liability, roadside assistance, roof protection, and even injuries to your pets!

Some motorhome insurance depends on the details of your motorhome. For example, the model and year of your vehicle is important to note. The size of your vehicle is taken into consideration as well. Smaller and older models may cost less to insure rather than newer, expensive models. Motorhomes that are used as a primary residence will need a different coverage than those who only use it a handful of times throughout a year. 

Motorhomes aren’t like your standard vehicle. They’re larger and typically travel many miles at a time. For some, it’s their forever home. For others, it’s an essential part of their family vacations. While you’re on the move, your motorhome is vulnerable to a different set of risks and liabilities compared to other cars. It’s important that you find a coverage that works best for you, and is there to cover you in any emergency you run into.

What does Motorhome Insurance Cover?

In addition to standard accident coverage, motorhome insurance protects all things inside your motorhome. Outside of unforeseen accidents and other damages, insurance can even cover your vehicle’s running cost.

RVs are an extremely valuable investment. Damage to a motorhome’s interior and exterior would cost you significantly more than for standard vehicles. With the right coverage, if your motorhome is ever totaled, your policy can replace it with a brand new one! 

Some policies feature an emergency expense. That means if your motorhome is ever in a serious accident that leaves you stranded, you don’t have to waste a single second panicking. Some policies will offer you a safety net and will cover your transportation.  Great news, hotel fees, rental car costs, and more will be covered!

A comprehensive motorhome insurance plan provides coverage to your personal belongings. Some policies can even pay to replace damaged items. If you travel with expensive items like laptops and cameras, it’s important to look into a policy that protects against theft or damage to your belongings. 

Protect Your Motorhome with Reliable Coverage from Nickerson Insurance

Traveling via motorhome is a unique and exciting experience for you and your family. After all, it’s home on the road! For some, it’s a cost-effective way to see the world. Adding insurance to your motorhome is also a great way to save money while remaining protected. 

Before your next great adventure, make sure your RV is covered. Here at Nickerson Insurance, we offer a specialized motorhome insurance plan for your safety and peace of mind. Our experienced team will walk you through the details and help you get started. Learn more today.

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