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Who should have life insurance?

Life insurance benefits 

It might not be fun to plan for life after death, but life insurance policies can help families manage finances after someone passes away. Life insurance isn’t solely for the edlery or people with a likelihood to die earlier than expected, rather it’s for anyone who wants to look to the future and ensure money is left to those who may need it after a death.


Life insurance is available to anyone who is interested in paying the premium for a return they will not see in their own lifetime, but can be a critical need for those people still alive after a death. Policies and coverage vary along with costs and payouts, but the peace of mind that comes with life insurance is prevalent across the board. Nickerson Insurance Systems, Inc. has experts on board to help teach customers about life insurance and its many benefits, depending on each individual’s wants and needs.  

What happens without life a life insurance policy 

Life comes with many risks, both anticipated and unforeseen. While there is no way to be certain what comes along the way, it is possible to control your financial situation after something fatal happens. The risks of not buying into life insurance are many, but here are a few:


  • Leaving behind a mortgage that cannot be paid in full or on time
  • Medical bills from a fatal condition that will be passed on to next of kin
  • Possible loss of valuables due to collections after bills not paid
  • General anxiety, stress, and unpredictable futures for those left behind


By planning ahead with Nickerson Insurance Systems, Inc. and setting up a life insurance policy, it puts the policyholder in control of assets while giving them peace of mind for what may come. Of course, it’s not ideal to think about these things or have to deal with them before it’s present, but everyone’s time does come someday. 

People who should consider life insurance  

It is common practice to encourage people to purchase life insurance at earlier ages, usually around 30, rather than waiting until older age. That way, you’re covered in case of an unforeseen event or accident from that point onward. 


While there are many reasons to set yourself up with a life insurance plan, here are some of the main reasons why people do:


  • Extreme sports that come with high risk
  • Planning to get married and/or combining finances with a partner
  • Labor-intensive jobs that involve risky working conditions
  • Supporting aging parents, children, or other family members
  • Owning and working for a personal business
  • Private student loan debt 


Whatever the reason, we can find the right coverage for any client and their personal situations.

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Our team of experts is ready to walk you through the different life insurance offers we recommend and will help find the right policy for you. Like any insurance plan, it’s a way to plan ahead for the unexpected, even at the end of life.

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