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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Mexico Insurance For Your Next Trip 

Why do I need Mexico Auto Insurance?

Living in Southern California makes traveling to Mexico easy! Most traditional U.S. auto insurance policies do not cover motorists in Mexico. So, if you are planning to drive into Mexico, it is very important to invest in Mexico car insurance.

Before planning your next trip consider these three big reasons why you should invest in Mexico automobile insurance. 

  1. Accidents Can Happen, Even on Vacation

If you get into an accident while in Mexico, you will not be able to use your domestic car insurance to cover any damages incurred. There is a possibility that Mexican authorities could arrest you, or even impound your car until the accident can be resolved. Without coverage, you put yourself at greater risk for running into one of these issues while traveling or having to pay cash out of pocket for damages. The reason for this is that it is illegal to drive without coverage in Mexico, just as it is here in the United States.  By investing in the proper coverage prior to your trip, you will prevent such issues from arising as Mexican insurance policies help streamline this process. 

  1. Communication & Resolution is Harder in a Foreign Country

In Mexico, your native language may not be the primary language spoken there, depending on who is involved in the accident. Communication can quickly become a challenge if not all parties involved speak the same language. When you have the proper Mexico insurance documentation in hand, it will help with the facilitation of a resolution with all parties involved and speed up the process. 

  1. Trips Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of getting into an accident, but the reality is these things happen. Don’t let it ruin your travel plans by not having the proper insurance coverage for your vehicle. The good news is, it is easy and comparatively inexpensive to get a Mexican car insurance policy. 

How Much Should I Plan to Spend on My Policy?

Mexico’s automobile policies are generally comprehensive and work similarly to traditional coverage policies here in the U.S. Most options are available for daily, semi-annually, or annually time increments depending on your travel plans and frequency of crossing the border. Overall, the cost of a policy is relatively inexpensive compared to American insurance. 

Let Nickerson Insurance Help you Plan Your Next Trip To Mexico

For more information about Mexico insurance, give us a call at Nickerson. One of our trustworthy insurance agents will help you find a customized policy that meets your traveling needs, so contact us today to get started with a quote

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