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What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

A Look at Mobile Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Mobile home insurance provides coverage for your mobile home and for the structures on your property that are not physically attached to your mobile home. Your policy will offer personal property protection, medical expense protection, and liability coverage. Most policies will also offer additional living expenses coverage and temporary housing costs in the event that your mobile home is unable to be lived in.

Breaking Down Mobile Home Insurance Policies

When looking to protect your mobile home, belongings, and those you care about, it is important to understand the coverage that you are exploring. Mobile home insurance policies typically have four key components that make up the comprehensive coverage. 

Dwelling Coverage

Your dwelling coverage component is, of course, the coverage for the physical structure of your mobile home. This pays to fix or replace your home and pays up to your policy limits if your mobile home is damaged by fire, smoke, wind, hail, heavy rainfall, weight of ice and snow, falling objects, burst pipes, lightning, explosions, or vandalism. In addition to the structure of your home, dwelling coverage for mobile homes usually covers other attached structures, steps, oil and gas drums, tanks, materials and supplies used in construction or repair of the mobile home, carpeting, and other structures separated from the mobile home such as a fence. Be sure to review the details of your dwelling coverage to ensure your particular property is fully covered. 

Personal Property Coverage

Your personal property coverage is what pays for your personal items that are damaged or stolen. There are limits to this component of the coverage, so you may need to buy extra if you have high-value items you want to insure.

Personal Liability Coverage

The personal liability coverage component will help you pay for lawsuit claims filed against you for accidental injuries or property damage you do to other people. It also pays for the medical expenses of guests injured in your home. For example, your guest comes to visit your home and trips on your front steps breaking his/her leg, your liability coverage could help pay their hospital bills if it comes to that. If your friend sues you, it would also pay for your legal defense and any settlements or court judgments.

Medical Payment Coverage

The medical payment coverage component of your policy helps pay for smaller medical bills of people who are accidentally hurt on your property, regardless of fault. This coverage is usually capped as it is typically only used for minor injuries that result in small medical bills.

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