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What is Mexico auto insurance?

Mexico auto insurance 

What do we mean by the term “Mexico insurance”? It’s used when discussing people driving across the border from the U.S. to Mexico (and back), which is a trip that many Southern California residents make. Being that Nickerson Insurance Systems, Inc. is located in Southern California, we have seen claims where more specific insurance would have helped cover claimant cases.  

Who needs Mexico auto insurance 

If you are someone who frequently crosses the border into Mexico for work or pleasure, you should consider adding Mexico auto insurance to your plan. This is not insurance from Mexico but an add-on to your existing coverage for anything that may happen when you are driving  in Mexico. Your U.S. coverage is invalid as soon as you cross the border, so even the most minor of accidents will not be covered. 


If you’re someone who’s looking to drive over the border for a day or a short period of time like a vacation, you can insure your vehicle for that specific amount of time. Mexico auto insurance is added reassurance while traveling by car and can help in case anything happens.

Collisions in Mexico 

If you’ve ever crossed the border into Mexico, you know how bad traffic can be at certain times and points of access. A bunch of cars in line with people not paying attention to the road from impatience while waiting in line can be a recipe for disaster. 


For example, if you get into a fender bender while still on U.S. soil, your everyday auto insurance will come into play. But, if you’re on the other side of the border and in Mexico for a fender bender, your coverage will not kick in unless you have the Mexico auto insurance plan added to your coverage.

Quick Mexico driving destinations from Southern California

If you’re looking for a reason to cross the border, there are plenty of excellent places to visit just a drive away from your Southern California town. Here are some quick trips across the border to consider:


    • TIjuana: Known for its party scene, gambling, and tourism spots, Tijuana is one of the fastest-growing cities in Mexico and is close to the Pacific Ocean. 


  • Tecate: Located in the middle of TIjuana and Mexicali, this medium-sized city is known for its bike paths and local cuisine. 
  • Mexicali: Further inland, Mexicali lives up to its name of being right on the border of Mexico and California and is known for its many tourism attractions and taco stands. 



If you decide to make the cross-border road trip, call us to add Mexico auto insurance to your current plan. The last thing you want to happen is a total car accident that leaves you without a vehicle on the other side of the border. Like any vacation, it’s always smart to insure what you can in case of an emergency. 

If you drive to Mexico and want insurance to cover the trip, Nickerson Insurance Systems, Inc. can get you covered

Rather than hope for the best with the auto insurance coverage you have when crossing the border into Mexico, we offer a plan to cover you when you’re no longer in Southern California.

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