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Why you should opt for home fire insurance coverage

Home fire insurance coverage 

Fires are a leading cause of destruction of homes. Even the smallest fire can turn into something disastrous in just a couple of minutes. Of course no one ever plans to have fires in their home, it’s something that can happen from a variety of factors and cause a great disruption and possible injuries or death to those who are involved. 

Fire isn’t something anyone is ever prepared for, but it is something that can be managed with the right safety systems and insurance coverage in place. But, those safety measures must be taken before a fire happens to ensure the quickest possible recovery of lost and damaged property.

Causes of home fires

Houses are meant to make people feel safe, but there are certain things that can cause fires in a person’s home. Most are preventable, but fire is a very unpredictable force of nature so it’s important to be as best prepared as possible, and that’s where Nickerson Insurance Systems, Inc. can help. Here are some main factors that cause house fires and ways to prevent them.


  • Burning candles


      • When burning candles, it is important to keep them in sight, out of reach from children or pets, in glass containers, never burned to the bottom, and extinguished when leaving the room.


  • Cooking fires


      • When cooking, you’ll want to start with a clean oven and stove top. Remain in the kitchen while cooking and be on high alert when using high temperatures. For no reason should you leave the house when cooking, unless the device is on a power timer. Keep children away from the stove and any objects other than pots and pans from contacting the stovetop. 


  • Heating equipment 


      • Heating a house using a space heater or central heating system can lead to house fires. Space heaters must be turned off when no one is in the room and never covered or touching anything flammable. Central heating systems and fireplace chimneys should be routinely checked by professionals and cleaned out accordingly. 


  • Electrical systems


      • Every house has an electrical system of some kind and issues with these systems can lead to fires. An electrician can survey a home to see if there are any points of danger that need repair and flame retardant materials should be used whenever possible throughout the home like insulations and paint. 


  • Smoking inside 


    • Smoking of any kind while inside adds significantly to the risk of starting fires. Leaving a lit cigarette in an ashtray is a common cause of house fires and can be prevented entirely by taking the smoking session outside. Using matches and throwing them into the garbage is another way to start a fire. Moving to lighters and vape pens are a way to avoid these instances if staying inside is a preference over going outside. 

If you want to protect your property from fire, Nickerson Insurance Systems, Inc. can get you covered 

Fire protection insurance is a good thing to have and will give you peace of mind. Taking the right safety precautions can help prevent a fire, but cannot stop one once it starts – be prepared by purchasing home fire insurance coverage.

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