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Businesses have various concerns when it comes to insurance. Nickerson wants to make sure that your business is completely covered. We offer everything that your business could need from auto insurance to professional liability insurance. Our agents are always ready to talk to you about any questions that you may have.

Workers Compensation

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Workers’ compensation insurance takes care of employees who are injured because of their job-related duties. Almost every state requires businesses to have this insurance.


Business Owners Package

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If you own a business you will need to protect yourself from incidents that may happen on your property. We have plans that can cover accidents as well as natural disasters.


General Liability

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Be prepared for any situation that your business may need to handle in the future. Our general liability insurance plans will make sure that your business is completely covered.


Auto Insurance

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It is important to insure both your company car as well as any transportation for your products. Take a look at the business auto insurance that Nickerson offers.


Property Insurance

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If you own an apartment or an office building, accidents may happen on your property that you could be liable for. Make sure you are covered with our property plans.


Group Insurance

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Group life insurance is often offered as a benefit through your employer or through membership of a society or association. Group insurance is generally less expensive than traditional individual coverage plans.


Professional Liability Insurance

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Our professional liability insurance helps protect businesses that offer professional advice or provide custom products to companies from damaging civil lawsuits.


Errors and Omissions Insurance

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If your business offers guidance, protect yourself against any claims made due to alleged erroneous advice or omitted information given by your employees.


Additional Insurance

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Nickerson offers additional insurance packages including, workers compensation, employment practices liability insurance, and funeral directors insurance.