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Nickerson Insurance wants to make sure that your business is protected from crime, accidents, and lawsuits. Our insurance policies will make sure that your business is covered no matter what kind of issues that your business may face. Discuss your company with our agents and talk to us about any situations that may occur where you would need more coverage. Our agents will explain all of our additional insurance policies with you to ensure that you business is protected.


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BizAssureTM is a cooperative network of insurance agencies, accountants, attorneys and other business professionals who work together to provide consulting services.


Bond Insurance

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Nickerson offers a great selection of fidelity and surety bonds. We will help your business from untrustworthy employees that may steal from your company.


Employment Practices Liability

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Protect your business from discrimination and wrongful termination suits with our employment practices liability insurance. Talk to a Nickerson Agent today


Commercial Package Policy

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If your business requires a number of different insurance policies, it may be in your best interest to bundle them together. A package policy will save money for your business.


Funeral Directors Insurance

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Funerals often have deep emotional aspects, which make funeral homes vulnerable to lawsuits. Ensure that every part of your business is covered by our commercial plans.