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At Nickerson Insurance, we are dedicated to protecting your business from all kinds of threats, both internal and external. This is why we offer fidelity bonds and surety bonds. For many businesses, bonds such as these are required by law. The benefit of fidelity bonds is that your business will be protected from any internal theft from an employee. If your business requires you to work on a deadline, you should consider getting a surety bond so that you can prove to your clients that you can fulfill your contract.

Talk to our insurance agents about our bond insurance and how we can help you. Nickerson offers all kinds of business insurance from general liability to auto insurance. Ask us about our business owners package. We can help ensure that your business has all the coverage it needs for the best price. Give Nickerson Insurance a call to see how we can help your business today.

Fidelity Bond

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Our fidelity bonds protect your business from dishonest employees that may steal from your company or your clients. When dishonest employees steal from your business, it can harm your business and even risk the positions of your loyal employees. Make sure that your business does not suffer from any kind of internal theft.


Surety Bond

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Certain industries need required surety bonds. Our surety bonds help business owners show that they can complete their contracts and always comply with all laws while doing so. This is especially necessary for construction businesses. Take a look at how Nickerson Insurance can help your business with our selection of surety bonds.