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Sign the name on a paper with a penWhile companies generally have trustworthy employees that want their company to grow and improve, once in a while an employee thinks that they have the right to company assets. These employees can be extremely detrimental to your business and can harm your honest employees that are working hard so that your business can succeed. Our fidelity bonds can help protect your company from dishonest employees that may steal from your company or your clients. Our different fidelity bonds offer excellent solutions from many different kinds of businesses.

Employee Dishonesty Bonds

If your employees are in the position where they have access to your money or other property, you need to protect your company from potential embezzlement and fraud. If your employees steal from your business, it can take a toll on your financials and fidelity bonds can cover any losses in your business.

Business Service Bonds

This is a necessary fidelity bond for businesses where employees are in the houses of your customers. Sometimes employees steal valuables from customers and this makes the business liable for any stolen possessions. This kind of insurance is needed for these types of businesses:

  • Contractors and interior designers
  • Janitorial services
  • House sitting
  • Pet grooming and sitting
  • Caretakers and health services
    • Business owners trust their employees with a number of things and it is important for companies to protect themselves from dishonest employees. Talk to a Nickerson Insurance agent about how our fidelity bonds can protect your business and your honest employees.