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Tsunami Hazard Zone sign in case of earthquake go to high ground or inland Pebble Beach CaliforniaFew homeowners opt for earthquake insurance because earthquakes are infrequent and unpredictable. However, California is the nation’s highest-risk area when it comes to earthquakes and coverage is valuable. For most homeowners, our homes are one of our biggest financial assets and it is important to protect them. Insurance is designed to protect us from unforeseen and unlikely devastating events. We buy life insurance to provide security for our families if the unlikely should happen. Car insurance protects us from auto liability and homeowners insurance saves us from implausible disaster and financial losses. While many decide to opt-out of earthquake insurance, it is time to acknowledge the risk and take the necessary precautions against the unthinkable.

Why Earthquake Insurance Is Important

Earthquakes are devastating, expensive and erratic. While many fail to obtain earthquake insurance due to high cost and limited coverage, the benefits of earthquake insurance greatly outweigh the cons. Earthquake insurance effectively reduces the post-earthquake loss burden on individuals who are struggling with emotional stress and high-severity damages. Earthquake insurance protects homeowners from financial instability and loss in the event of a devastating shaker.

Brace Your Home

In California, it is especially important to take extra measures to protect your home and yourself in the event of an earthquake. Despite whether you invest in earthquake insurance or not, making a few improvements around the home will help prevent casualties and damage. The following preventative upgrades should be made:

  • Secure cabinets and furniture to walls
  • Install safety shutoff valves to gas lines
  • Brace water heaters

In the event of an earthquake be sure to cover your head and neck with your arms and don’t move for several minutes until the quake and aftershocks have passed. After the earthquake, thoroughly inspect your home for damages and hazardous gas leaks.

Earthquake insurance will provide you with peace of mind. Give us a call at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. to discuss the options.