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a flooded sign in a parking lot near the beach.Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage. While standard homeowners insurance policies cover some water damage from rain, if your home is ever filled with water as a result of a flood, it will not cover the damages. There are two different types of flood insurance policies: one that covers your home’s structure or one that covers your personal belongings. Talk to an insurance agent at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. to decide what plan is best for your circumstances.

Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Flood damage can be more costly than expected. Some mortgage lenders require you to have flood insurance. However, even if it is not required as a condition of your agreement, flood insurance can protect you from a financial disaster. Unless you are completely positive that you could financially withstand the cost of flood damages, it is very important to invest in flood insurance.

While homeowners insurance protects against many unexpected hazards, flood damage is not one of them. Don’t wait until a storm to purchase flood insurance! Protect yourself from the risk of financial loss. Give us a call at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. to learn more about the scope of our flood insurance services.