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Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


“Just wanted to make a quick point that I'm sure you're already aware of. Lydia has been helping me for a few years now, and she has always been of the utmost help, as professional and competent as those two qualities can be, at the same time being ever friendly and patient. I have always been impressed and moved by how helpful she is; it's just that I'm too selfish and dense to have sprouted the inclination myself to put in a word of appreciation for her previously, the inspiration for and propriety of doing so now only having become apparent upon seeing your email address lurking at the bottom of her email. She is a gem, but again I'm sure you already know that. You should buy her dinner. She should get a bonus. May be a car. ;o)”
– Ty K
“I would like to let you know that I always receive outstanding Customer Service from Brianna Chochard. She answers my calls and emails promptly. My first contact with Brianna was 7/2015 and I can honestly say that she has been a pleasant and a knowledgeable agent to work with. If she didn't have an answer for my question/questions at the time she made sure she called me back or emailed the information that I needed. The process of obtaining insurance, adding a vehicle, and asking further questions has been a breeze because I work with a friendly and knowledgeable agent, Brianna Chochard.”
– Kimberley F
“I wanted you to know what a fantastic job Brianna does. She is so polite, professional, provides excellent supreme service, she is to be commended highly for doing such a great job! Thank you for having her working for you! I very rarely get the wonderful service she provides from anyone else.”
– Victoria B.

“Silvia, I truly appreciate your diligent work ethics and exceptional five-star customer service”

– J. Scott from Shield of Faith Economic Development

" I’m writing to let you know how pleased I was with my recent experience with agent Jodi Blacques. I called to get a quote because I wanted to add my fiancé to my current Mercury policy along with adding his vehicle. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that because of his driving record but Jodi provided an alternative that worked for all of us and allowed each of us to be covered when driving each other’s vehicles. I truly appreciate how effortless she made the experience… from emailing me a quote for my fiancé and then working with him directly to get him set up with a new policy. And then updating my policy and having a hard copy mailed to me. Like I said, effortless! She made sure all the bases were covered and took such great care of us. I rarely take the time to write feedback such as this but when someone goes above and beyond to help a customer, they deserve the recognition. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Thank you once again to Jodi!!! "

– Marissa S.

" Thank you for all of your help! I absolutely LOVE the awesome customer service you always give me! I appreciate you being my agent! "

– Rosie A.
“ Today Army helped us add a new car to our policy. As always, she was professional, personable, and thorough. She remains one of the reasons that we stay associated with Nickerson. ”
-Mike Schultz
“ I really appreciate your staff and thank you girls for the great service! ”
Jennifer Lopez from Westside Brake & Tire Inc.
" Bobbie Thomas is by far one of the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her customer service is beyond top notch, and her bright spirit and voice surely turns any stressful situation I may be dealing with into an easy fix because she not only cares about her job, but she cares even more about her clients. Her responses to my emails and phone calls always come within 24 hours, more often than not even sooner. No matter what problem I may have, she fixes is. If she can’t fix it, then she finds someone who can. Nickerson Insurance is not only a brilliant company, but their employees, Bobbie specifically, are some of the best in the business. "
Gayle O., Los Angeles, CA