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Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


"Kristine is great! I am very happy with her service!! Great job!!"
-Jan Juvasvat
"Silvia Gomez, I really appreciate all of your diligent work every year to get us properly insured, it allows me to sleep well knowing we are well protected"
– Jennifer L. from Westside Brake & Tires, Inc.
"Army has always been and continues to be a pleasure to work with!"
– Sean C.
"Army Reyes did a great job finding a new homeowners insurance policy. A very personable individual to work with. She takes great care of her clients. Also, Brenda Johnson is another great asset to your company."
– Richard Tardaguila
“It's been really great working with Dee Godoy on all my insurance needs.  She really made the experience stress free.  I would have been a wreck had I gone anywhere else but Nickerson Insurance made the experience stress free, and I'm so thankful to Dee for all her help.”
– Yvonne Flores from Westcliff Properties
"Bobbie has been an essential asset to my business and I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work/effort. Thank you very much for providing a great service."
– A. Cervantes from L.A.C Mortuary Accommodations Inc.
"I enjoy working with Christine Thompson in commercial lines, appreciate her rapid response to my needs."
– Riley R, Pop Productions

“You guys make my life a lot easier. Looking forward to be working with the whole Nickerson team for a very long time.”

– A.Pintor, Beacon Hospice Care

“I want to tell you what an excellent team you have. Marie did a great job for me with my business insurance. As far as my home and auto insurance, my Farmers Agent of 40 years retired and sold his business and I knew I was likely paying more than I needed to. A few months ago I spent a day on the phone calling insurance companies comparing pricing which didn’t end up producing much difference.

Enter … Maria! I was able to walk through all the nuances of my home and auto policy with Maria and she explained all of the line items and my options. I have an older car, very low mileage and a higher risk capacity (i.e. deductibles) and she was able to save me 56%!! on what I was paying. Over $1,000 for the year! I feel comfort in that I am getting basically the same amount of coverage only with more out-of-pocket if something happens. Wow, I can see the value in having a very knowledgeable person advising you! Really really great job by Maria!! She also explained about the situation in CA now with rates rising regularly so I am on an annual plan and will have her revisit the best rates next year if/when they give me a hike. So, I would say I will likely be a new long-term customer. Happy to be aboard! And, 5 stars for Maria and Marie!"


– Susan

“I just want to commend Brianna for her exceptional service that she's doing for her clients on behalf of Nickerson Insurance Company.Brianna is very prompt answering my questions and concerns and she posses excellent knowledge to get matters resolve quickly. You have a winner's attitude in Brianna and I appreciate that she takes her clients' need seriously and I'm pretty sure she's a valuable member of your team. She's a pleasure to work with.”


– Aldwin P.

“You folks are always so prompt. The world would be a better place if everyone was as efficient as you folks!”

– Tom M. from Siderno Bakery
“Just wanted to make a quick point that I'm sure you're already aware of. Lydia has been helping me for a few years now, and she has always been of the utmost help, as professional and competent as those two qualities can be, at the same time being ever friendly and patient. I have always been impressed and moved by how helpful she is; it's just that I'm too selfish and dense to have sprouted the inclination myself to put in a word of appreciation for her previously, the inspiration for and propriety of doing so now only having become apparent upon seeing your email address lurking at the bottom of her email. She is a gem, but again I'm sure you already know that. You should buy her dinner. She should get a bonus. May be a car. ;o)”
– Ty K
“I would like to let you know that I always receive outstanding Customer Service from Brianna Chochard. She answers my calls and emails promptly. My first contact with Brianna was 7/2015 and I can honestly say that she has been a pleasant and a knowledgeable agent to work with. If she didn't have an answer for my question/questions at the time she made sure she called me back or emailed the information that I needed. The process of obtaining insurance, adding a vehicle, and asking further questions has been a breeze because I work with a friendly and knowledgeable agent, Brianna Chochard.”
– Kimberley F
“I wanted you to know what a fantastic job Brianna does. She is so polite, professional, provides excellent supreme service, she is to be commended highly for doing such a great job! Thank you for having her working for you! I very rarely get the wonderful service she provides from anyone else.”
– Victoria B.

“Silvia, I truly appreciate your diligent work ethics and exceptional five-star customer service”

– J. Scott from Shield of Faith Economic Development

" I’m writing to let you know how pleased I was with my recent experience with agent Jodi Blacques. I called to get a quote because I wanted to add my fiancé to my current Mercury policy along with adding his vehicle. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that because of his driving record but Jodi provided an alternative that worked for all of us and allowed each of us to be covered when driving each other’s vehicles. I truly appreciate how effortless she made the experience… from emailing me a quote for my fiancé and then working with him directly to get him set up with a new policy. And then updating my policy and having a hard copy mailed to me. Like I said, effortless! She made sure all the bases were covered and took such great care of us. I rarely take the time to write feedback such as this but when someone goes above and beyond to help a customer, they deserve the recognition. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Thank you once again to Jodi!!! "

– Marissa S.

" Thank you for all of your help! I absolutely LOVE the awesome customer service you always give me! I appreciate you being my agent! "

– Rosie A.
“ Today Army helped us add a new car to our policy. As always, she was professional, personable, and thorough. She remains one of the reasons that we stay associated with Nickerson. ”
-Mike Schultz
“ I really appreciate your staff and thank you girls for the great service! ”
Jennifer Lopez from Westside Brake & Tire Inc.
" Bobbie Thomas is by far one of the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her customer service is beyond top notch, and her bright spirit and voice surely turns any stressful situation I may be dealing with into an easy fix because she not only cares about her job, but she cares even more about her clients. Her responses to my emails and phone calls always come within 24 hours, more often than not even sooner. No matter what problem I may have, she fixes is. If she can’t fix it, then she finds someone who can. Nickerson Insurance is not only a brilliant company, but their employees, Bobbie specifically, are some of the best in the business. "
Gayle O., Los Angeles, CA
" I have received excellent service and personable demeanor regarding questions/concerns/ needs I had today. I highly appreciate you and your staff, in particular Brianna and Nicole. They are pleasant, kind, and courteous, as are you, and a great reflection of team. All of my experiences with your group have been positive to me (that isn't the case in every place, so I don't mind, at all, giving credit where it's due). "
Rich Sandness
“ We appreciate all you do for us. We know that we are in good hands and feel taken care of. ”
Karen, Accutherm Refrigeration
" Bobbie Thomas continues to provide our company with excellent client service. She is immediately responsive and we can always rely on her expertise. She and Robert Takata have been our insurance team for many years. Bobbie's responsiveness is consistently timely and thorough and working with her is really enjoyable. I highly recommend Bobbie, Robert and Nickerson Insurance Services and look forward to working with them for many years "
Mindy Kirk, Lighthouse Memorials & Receptions
“ On Friday 3/13/15 I purchased a new SUV. I was working with Brianna Johnson to get a new quote for the vehicle using Mercury Insurance. Their quote was the lowest by far. My new SUV had to be a dealership transfer, which takes some time. It was getting late after 5 o'clock, and I was hoping to drive with insurance coverage. I contacted Brianna who said she was working till 7. I was relieved. But my new vehicle was stuck in traffic coming from Alhambra to Culver City. So Brianna mentioned to get the VIN # and she could write up a new insurance binder. I got the VIN # and phoned it in to Brianna. In short time she had faxed the new insurance binder to the dealership I was at. I was relieved to have it. Brianna Johnson demonstrated what a perfect Insurance Rep. should be like. I recommend Nickerson Insurance for anyone seeking a new Insurance Agent! ”
Alan F., Yelp, Mar. 2015
“Nicole T is one of the best agents I have ever worked with in any industry, and seeing as auto insurance is something I have no familiarity with, working with her has been especially relieving! She is incredibly good at breaking down the processes involving savings & returns, increases in cost, etc. There have also been a few instances in which I forget to make a payment on time, and she always reaches out to me with a timeline to maximize and maintain my coverage.”
Rachel S., Yelp, Oct. 2014
“This office works as an agent for Mercury and in the five years I had my policy there I have absolute nothing else than good to say about them. Very responsive and very helpful!”
Bo P., Yelp, Oct. 2014
"I have been in touch with Jodi for the last few months. She has been a great help in solving my problems. She is very friendly and helpful and patient. I felt bad calling her so many times, but I needed my account corrected. Thanks for having a very friendly and helpful person handling my account."
Audrey A.
“I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a truly remarkable employee you have in Brianna Johnson. On two different occasions now she has gone out of her way to reach out to me and to save me from having a big problem (caused by my own forgetfulness). I travel a lot and things have been very chaotic and stressful. Brianna has been a true bright spot in a very crazy week. She is consistently helpful, professional, and kind and makes me very happy to be one of your customers. I oversee a large workforce and can tell you that employees like Brianna are few and far between; you should definitely hang on to her!! Thank you so much for excellent service. When my friends and colleagues complain about their experiences with insurance providers I can confidently point them in your direction.”
Jen G.
“Brianna responded to my request timely. She is very knowledgeable and she explained all my options. She was so very helpful, courteous and friendly! I truly appreciate the exceptional service she provided me. Thank you so much!”
Valerie E.
“I was reminded yesterday of why we have been with Nickerson Insurance for so long....Bobbie Thomas. Over the years I have come to take for granted that whenever I have a question or a problem I call Bobbie. I know that Bobbie will get me an answer as quick as possible. I have gotten used this and I dont think about ti when it comes to Insurance. Yesterday I called with a request for Certificates and before I could walk out of my office the certificates were printed out. This made me realize that this is the kind of service we have always gotten with Bobbie and how fortunate we are to have her to work with. And having to work with me she really earns her money. Thank You!”
Terry H., ATM Concrete Inc., 10/6/2014
“I am not a current policy member just yet... I have been in contact with Maria Cabrera. So far Maria has been very professional and very helpful. I'm understand why all the positive feedback/testimonials I am reading here. I will be setting an appointment with Maria in the near future if her quote meets mine and my family's needs in auto insurance. Not a member yet, but I sure am loving the great customer service thus far. Thanks Maria!”
Oscar, 9/23/2014
“I give Maria Cabrera a 10 out of 10 for follow up, kindness and customer service. She was not pushy or rude which made it very easy to switch over from my old insurance agency.”
Elaina M., 8/26/2014
“After going through the drudgery of assessing a few insurance companies, I finally not only found Mercury Insurance Company, but had the tremendous luck of getting Nicole as my Representative! The day I went into her office to sort over the details,(no faceless phone sign-up), she spent about 2 hours answering in full every question I had about my policies. I have never had to file an insurance claim, and so haven't paid much attention to policies. I came away from our meeting with an understanding of the terms and coverages I've never had before...and an awareness of how important these things are. I am very impressed with the personal intention I receive from Nicole, which didn't stop after I signed on the dotted line, either. I also like that Mercury pays attention to the details. I wonder if they know how great their Nicole is.”
Lynn Fischer, 8/21/2014
“Bobbie, Nickerson is lucky to have you as an Account Manager and so am I.”
John L., 6/25/2014
“I just want to say how much I appreciate the personal attention, I always receive from Nicole. She has been our family rep for many years and has always responded immediately to our needs. You are very lucky to have such an awesome employee.”
Roberta P., 6/9/2014
“Thank you, Nicole, for contacting me with money saving ideas for my policy. Thank you also for remaining calm and courteous with me on the phone in spite of my impatient attitude. You are so proactive, and I look forward to the savings! Superior customer service.”
Kymberly P., 5/20/2014
“Just wanted to thank you for the service your representatives have provided to me over the years. I would like to add that my experience on the phone with Brianna is always pleasant. Brianna provides a helpful attitude that makes me very satisfied of being one of your customers. Thank you”
Daniel G., 4/25/2014
“I just want to thank you for all the work you did to get me an insurance. I really appreciate it. Sometimes it is not the amount of the insurance but that I have an insurance agent who can help me through my down time. Thanks so much again Sarah. I am so glad your are here.”
Cathy R., 4/18/2014
“Jodi is always helpful, professional and returned my calls in a timely manner. I have never heard her raise her voice. She is always calm. Great job Jodi!”
Leiah A., 4/18/2014