Homeowners & Property Insurance


Homeowners & Property insurance solutions

No matter if you need condo, renters or landlord insurance, Nickerson has got you covered. Our insurance agents will ensure that you have all of the coverage you need for your properties. Take a look at the different kinds of policies that we have to see how we can help you.


Your belongings are likely worth more than you realize! Protect your possessions and invest in renters insurance from Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. Give us a call!


Just like homeowners insurance and travel insurance, condo insurance policies can be personalized to meet the needs of individual circumstances and condominiums.


While homeowners insurance policies offer broad coverage against a wide variety of hazards and damages, a dwelling fire plan offers more confined coverage at a lower price.


Homeowners insurance is valuable protection that provides peace of mind in the event of unforeseen accidents and disasters. Standard policies provide security against damages to your home caused by theft, fires and many other natural disasters. In California, it is recommended that you purchase additional coverage to protect against earthquakes and floods as well.

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