Business Auto Insurance


Business Car Insurance

Whether you are a pastry chef that needs a van to transport your very special cakes or a contractor that needs a truck to install handmade cabinets that your cabinetmaker has just finished, many business owners rely on their company’s cars for many different purposes. If an employee got into an accident, it could be devastating to your company. Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. offers the best business car insurance with our agents’ personal touch.

Who Needs Business Car Insurance?

If you are a business owner where using a car is an integral part of your business transactions, you will need business car insurance. If your car is damaged, and you do not have the funds to repair it, it can be detrimental to your work. If you cannot transport your goods, you will lose business.

No Accident is Too Small

Even if you get into a small, superficial accident, a car in disrepair looks unprofessional and could ruin your company’s reputation. If your car is totaled, we can make sure that you have the money that you need to buy a new car. We insure all kinds of business cars including, large courier vans and pickup trucks.

Make sure that you will be able to repair your business’ car swiftly with our insurance. Our business car insurance plans make it easy for company owners to get back to their usual routine when they can quickly get their car fixed without any hassles. We pride ourselves on how satisfied our clients are with our service and our insurance plans. Talk to a Nickerson agent today to see how our business car insurance can help your company.

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