Additional Commercial Insurance


Funeral Directors Insurance

When you are working with mourning families, funerals are often dealing with very emotionally sensitive situations. Funeral homes often have to take out multiple insurance plans to cover many different factors of your business. Be prepared to protect your funeral home from any legal or liability suits

Errors and Omissions Insurance


Because funerals are so emotionally charged, during this time if anything goes wrong during the funeral, it can be traumatizing for the family. Because your business is dealing with the deceased body of loved one, it is important that everything goes smoothly and correctly. If any errors are made during the funeral, a funeral home may be liable for any emotional trauma. This is why errors and omissions insurance is vitally important for funeral homes.

Business Car Insurance

If your hearse gets into an accident it can be very detrimental to your business. Even if an accident is superficial, it will need to be repaired right away. No family wants their loved one’s final journey to be in a hearse that does not look its best.

Workers Compensation

There are a number of injuries that can happen at a funeral home or at a gravesite. If an employee hurts himself while carrying a casket, driving the hearse, or while digging a grave your funeral home may need to provide workers compensation.

Make an appointment and talk to a Nickerson agent about how our insurance plans can help your funeral home.

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