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Apartment House Package

When you own an apartment building, it is imperative that you keep it in excellent care. This is necessary so that your tenants will continually want to rent from your apartments. However, even when you work to keep your apartments in the best of shape, sometimes accidents happen and they need to be repaired right away.


Be Prepared


We have insurance plans that will cover your property from incidents like fire, fallen trees, lightning and other natural disasters. Our property insurance can help you financially when you need to make changes to your building to stay in accordance with codes and building laws.

We also provide crime insurance to help repair your building after vandalism. If your apartment has been vandalized, or a thief has broken and entered into one of your apartments, you will need to make repairs right away. Our insurance will cover you so that you have everything that you need to have your apartment building looking its best.

You also will need to have coverage for any injuries that happen on your property. If an accident occurred because something on your property was in disrepair, you as the owner, could be held responsible for the injury. Nickerson Insurance can help cover all legal fees.

We want your tenants to be happy and your building to remain profitable. Talk to an agent about how Nickerson can help you maintain your apartment building in the best condition.

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