Business Property Insurance


Liability, Fire & Crime

We offer a number of different kinds of casualty insurance for businesses. Nickerson insurance wants your company to thrive and keep going even if something happens that may disturb business as usual. Talk to our agents about how our liability, fire, and crime insurance can help you.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects companies from being sued and other claims made against the company. The insurance will help you cover costs associated with accidents and lawsuits. Liability insurance can help with medical costs, legal fees, and other damages that your company is liable for. Even if your business did not intend to hurt anyone, accidents and lawsuits still happen, and it is best to be covered when they do.

Fire & Crime Insurance

While liability insurance is necessary to cover costs for accidents that your company is liable for, fire and crime insurance is necessary for unexpected damages outside of your company’s control. If your office is burned or a thief steals your goods, your business should not be punished. Our fire and crime insurance plans will make sure that you have the funds that you need to keep your business going. Our crime insurance can cover white collar crime as well such as forgery, fraud, and embezzlement.

Give us a call and talk to our agents about what Nickerson can do for you and your company. We want to make sure that you are always prepared for any issues that may happen within your business.

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