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Boat insurance

Many boat owners are under the impression that their boat, trailer and items inside it are covered by their auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy. The reality is that most auto insurance policies and homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide coverage for your boat when it is in the water. Having a boat requires additional protection and our team is here to help you understand those needs.

Why Is Boat Insurance Necessary?

A supplementary insurance policy is often required to cover liability, physical damage and theft when your boat is in the water. At Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. we offer a wide range of boat insurance features and options including emergency service and policies that protect your boat’s stated value. While your boat may be insured and protected while it’s parked in your driveway outside of your house, it is important to inquire whether or not you have a policy that protects your boat fully and at all times.

Is your boat covered by your homeowner’s insurance? Is it covered by your auto insurance? All policies are different. Reach out to an insurance agent at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. to get a clear understanding of where you are protected and where you may need additional protection. Our goal is to create a personalized policy for your boat that not only protects it, but you and your passengers as well.

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