Auto Insurance


Car insurance

Car insurance is an investment required by law that protects you from the unexpected. Although the most conspicuous reason for having auto insurance is to cover you in the event of an accident, car insurance is a valuable service for a number of unforeseen events. What happens if your car is stolen, or destroyed by flood or fire? Every driver needs car insurance because taking the liability of driving uninsured is not only against the law, it can have an extensive negative impact on your life should you take the risk and lose.



Accidents Happen


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there are over six million car accidents in the United States each year. Car accidents can be very expensive and complicated. When uninsured parties are involved in a car accident there are many negative repercussions, such as being held personally liable to pay for the other person’s vehicle damage, medical bills, suffering damages and lost wages. While auto insurance does not prevent accidents from happening, it provides financial protection that saves you from the astronomical expenses that result from accidents.


Drive Safely


While many people view car insurance as a money-making scam, paying on a monthly basis for something that isn’t actually used on a regular basis – the truth is that auto insurance is an invaluable investment. In order to reduce the likelihood of high premiums, it is important to never let your guard down and always drive safely. You are in complete control of your driving record and it will drastically affect what you pay for car insurance coverage. Tickets and at-fault accidents will add cost to your insurance premiums. Obey the laws of the road and drive cautiously and your car insurance policy’s premium will not increase.

Give us a call at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. and a trustworthy insurance agent will walk you through the process and help you find the most cost-effective policy for your budget.

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