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Classic Auto insurance

At Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc., we understand that classic car collectors need to protect their investment. Whether you bought a perfectly restored classic or you carefully restored your antique yourself, it is much more than just a vehicle. It is your hobby and your pride and joy. Collector car insurance policies are much different than normal auto insurance policies. Because your antique is used on a limited basis, classic auto insurance is cheaper than regular-use car insurance. Give us a call at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. and we will discuss your classic car and the insurance options available to you.

Is My Car Eligible?

A classic automobile is ten years old or older. These vehicles are covered under classic auto insurance if they have remarkably fine workmanship or if they are classified as a limited production vehicle. Antique automobiles are 25 years old or older. In order for your antique or classic car to be eligible for classic auto insurance it must be used only on a limited basis, such as during antique car shows, parades, exhibitions or club activities. Your antique car needs to be well-maintained or restored. We do not offer classic auto insurance to vehicles that are driven on a daily basis or used primarily for commercial use.

Reach out to an insurance agent at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. and find out how we can protect your classic!

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