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Motorhome insurance

A common misconception is that auto insurance and homeowners insurance provides adequate coverage for motorhomes. Don’t risk relying on standard car insurance to protect your motorhome! Motorhomes are valuable and they require specialized motorhome insurance.


What Does Motorhome Insurance Cover?


Unlike standard auto insurance, motorhome insurance provides coverage for personal belongings. Because a motorhome is essentially a home away from home, the things inside it are often very valuable. When you have motorhome insurance a well-informed motorhome claims representative will handle your case. Because you are often far from home when traveling in your RV, motorhome insurance offers you allowance for emergency expenses such as travel and lodging and food.

Give us a call at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. to further discuss the motorhome insurance options available to you. We offer personalized and comprehensive plans with special optional coverage. Visit an insurance agent today and get the protection you need!


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