Property Insurance


Landlord insurance

While homeowners insurance policies offer broad coverage against a wide variety of hazards, a landlord plan offers more confined coverage at a lower price. Landlord insurance plans cover more than fire related damages. These policies also cover damages resulting from a selected list of hazards.


Who Needs Landlord Insurance?


If you are a landlord and you own several rental properties, landlord insurance is a necessity. As a landlord, you do not need to insure your tenant’s personal belongings. Renters insure their owner personal possessions with renters insurance. Landlord insurance allows you to insure the building without paying for an expensive homeowner’s insurance policy that covers the possessions inside it. A Landlord insurance policy covers the structure of your home and eliminates the other factors included in a homeowners insurance policy such as liability, personal belongings, etc. Landlord insurance also offers coverage to properties that are not occupied full time.

Landlord insurance plans can be personalized to meet individual needs. Call Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. to speak with a qualified insurance agent. Depending on your personal circumstances, we will help you find an insurance plan that best fits your needs.

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