Additional Insurance


Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage. This form of insurance is designed to provide you with an additional layer of protection from major claims and lawsuits. Umbrella insurance protects your assets and your future from severe lawsuits or claims that could be financially devastating. Sometimes accidents are so catastrophic, the liability limits on your underlying policies are exhausted. Umbrella insurance gives you extra protection in the event that your auto insurance, homeowners insurance or boat insurance does not provide you with enough liability coverage.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

If you have belongings or valuable assets that exceed the liability protection included in your auto insurance or homeowners insurance policy, you should absolutely consider umbrella insurance. Assets can include anything from college or retirement savings, a vacation home, stocks or bonds.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Include?

Like all insurance policies, each policy can be customized to your needs. However, the following benefits are what you would typically receive if you invest in an umbrella insurance policy:

  • $1 million in coverage
  • Liability protection above the limits of your traditional auto insurance, homeowners insurance, boat insurance policies, etc.
  • Protection from libel or slander
  • Compensation for attorney fees and expenses associated with litigation and lawsuit
  • Coverage for all of the residents of your household

Fore more information about the extreme benefits of umbrella insurance, give us a call at Nickerson Insurance Services, Inc. One of our trustworthy insurance agents will explain the policy and help you fully understand your coverages.

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