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Take a Break! 5 Reasons Taking a Vacation Can Help Your Small Business

Our workplaces can be stressful at times. It seems like it’s always “Go, Go, GO!” Especially as a small business owner, you often feel that if you take some time off, even for a day, that everything will fall apart. We know that your employees rely on you for guidance. You want
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6 Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling

As summer is upon us, everyone is planning their vacations. It is so exciting to get the chance to experience life in a different culture than you are used to. We have talked about using social media to protect your home while you are traveling, but you also need to concentrate

5 Things You Need To Consider During An Apartment Search

Moving into your first apartment can be so exciting! Looking through all the apartment listings, doing visits, and imagining what life would be like in each space. Sometimes, first-time renters are so eager to sign their lease that they don’t think about everything that they

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

It’s been a long day at work. You step out into the cold night air and wander over to your car. You’ve been running around at work all day and you’re exhausted. It’s the largest project that you’ve ever worked on and your team has been staying late to finish everything up. You’ve

5 Social Media Tips to Protect Your Home From Theft

We protect our clients’ homes every day with our homeowners insurance policies. One of the most important parts of an insurance policy is to help clients recover after a burglary or theft. However, it is better to prevent burglary from happening in the first place. As a
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What Personal General Insurance Do I Need?

Understanding your personal insurance policies can protect you and your family. In a recent blog, we had a discussion about the various types of commercial insurance that your business needs. However, knowing the types of general insurance that you and your family needs is also
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What Kind of Commercial Insurance Does My Business Need?

As a business owner, you know that accidents and mistakes happen within your business. Some accidents and mistakes could potentially destroy your business. We want to be sure that you are prepared for any incident that could harm your business. You need to protect your business
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How to Avoid Distracted Driving

As an insurance company, Nickerson has seen so many auto insurance premiums go up because of accidents. The problem is that distracted drivers caused many of these accidents. They could have been avoided if drivers concentrated on driving instead of other things happening in the
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6 Things Everybody Should Know About Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect employees from injury or illness resulting from job-related tasks. It also prevents employees from suing employers over those injuries. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, understanding your workers’ compensation